Precision Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Carpet Protectant

Carpets can get stains and discoloration damage from accidental spills, the weather, and pets that give your home a dirty and shabby look. We recommend that our customers care for their carpets well being, reduce costs of cleaning and extend the life of their carpets with Fourguard carpet protector. Fourguard incorporates the latest technology from DuPontĀ® and helps enhance the carpet's stain resistance. Fourguard also applies a fluorocarbon protector which resists soil and makes the carpet easier to clean. It also protects against soil, stains, spills and oil. Instead of stains and wear we suggest using Fourguard carpet protector for a clean and fresh longer lasting carpet.

The benefits of carpet protector are many and it will keep your carpets fresh and like new, even when you are busy. Over time and with regular wear, even factory applied stain resistants will experience a reduction in effectiveness. We advise our customers to have protector reapplied anytime their carpets are cleaned.