Precision Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Precision Carpet and Tile Cleaning's owner, Doug Boyer, has been a resident of Southern California his whole life. Bringing a new dynamic to the carpet cleaning industry has been his passion. At the same time, he believes in adhering to good old fashioned principles, such as honesty, integrity, professionalism, and good old fashion workmanship. Most importantly, that value must always exceed the cost.

Doug understands your desire to have your carpets renewed as close as possible to the day they were installed and knows the precise method of getting them to that condition. He also "gets it" that you don't want to have to hassle with shady work practices and unscrupulous salesmen. He'll recommend what you need and see to it that it's done right the first time.

There's nothing like a freshly cleaned carpet to renew your sense of pride in your home, whether you're the owner or a renter. There's nothing like a clean carpet to make your customers and employees feel like they're being cared for. Doug understands that and strives to meet those goals with every job.

Our service area is in Southern California, specifically covering Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.